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Co-Founder Armatic Casey Griswold
By Co-Founder Armatic Casey Griswold #finance July 29, 2016

Customer service is becoming a huge part of every industry. Your clients expect a similar level of treatment from their accountants as they do from their favorite restaurants.

Going the extra mile to personalize something as simple as an invoice reminder can add that extra level of caring to an otherwise routine transaction.

Of course, we don’t show favoritism for certain clients, but it’s easier to justify going out of your way for someone who is kind versus someone who is not. People will do almost anything for someone they feel understands them.

Try sending out invoice reminders with a congratulations on an industry award or with a note about how they have paid on time for 87 months straight and how much you appreciate that. It seems like an easy non-consequential gesture, but it will go miles toward building a wonderful relationship with your clients.

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